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Architects question everything so that they can plan for everything. They are skeptical, strong willed, and are always searching to find better ways of doing things. Their motto is that it is better to be right than popular, and this can be seen in practice where they rely on a good strategy and the pros and cons have been properly evaluated, before moving forward with a decision.










• Always learning and expanding their knowledgebase to make well-informed, rational decisions
• Strong-willed and determined to solve complex challenges
• Apply curiosity, creativity, and versatility to every situation, to create a solid plan
• Good listening skills and can change their opinions when facts prove them wrong
• Take criticism well, since they see it as an opportunity to learn more about themselves

• Can come across as arrogant and harsh when less-informed people challenge their opinions, without adequate knowledge on the subject
• Sometimes brash when communicating, valuing facts more than emotions, which can make them appear more critical than they may intend
• Do not place a high value on the emotions of others
• Perfectionistic, which can slow down decision making



Architects tend to excel in environments where they have the freedom to solve challenges the way the choose to, and often struggle when working for micromanagers, or managers who implement irrational rules or act with irrational behaviours. If their managers have a rational approach that the Architect buys into, then these individuals will be highly effective strategists who make sound decisions.


Architects excel in environments where they are faced with new and interesting challenges that require them come up with novel solutions. They can be great leaders who look to their stakeholders to promote innovation to achieve project success.
Their management approach is heavily focussed on creating a clear strategy and allowing others to handle the day-to-day activities required to progress projects. Although Architects will stray away from wanting to perform these routine activities, they will always know what is happening and will always be able to discuss the details.


Architects prefer to work independently, but when given the freedom to create their own plans and execute on them, they will thrive in project support. Their resilience and ingenuity are also excellent traits when faced with difficult challenges, which make them great colleagues and subordinates, provided they are given the environment to do so.

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