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The combination of their exceptional intuition and fiery passion makes Champions irresistible to many others. And with that fire, comes a drive to continually create and innovate. Champions thrive on the freedom to come up with new and original solutions, and when given the runway to do so, they will not disappoint.










• Open-minded and curious thinkers, never missing a detail in their quest to understand things
• Strong communicators who excel at delving deep to understand people’s motivations
• Infectious energy which inspires colleagues and friends
• Creative and innovative, always coming up with new ideas to make things better
• Unafraid to take on big challenges

• Have difficulty focusing on smaller routine and administrative tasks
• Tend to overthink situations and responses
• Susceptible to stress from others
• Have difficulty if being micromanaged or forced to operate inside of a box
• Emotional and can be overly sensitive to other people’s criticism



Working with others and being able to take on new challenges is what drives Champions. Having an innovative mindset may be a downside in routine and administrative positions, but this focus often leads to finding new ways of doing things more efficiently or effectively. Given the freedom to solve problems their own way will ensure the fire that drives Champions stays lit. And when they can work with other open-minded colleagues, its like pouring gas on the fire.


Champions’ ability to read the cues of others is an excellent attribute in project leadership roles, where they can ensure people are staying motivated and working towards their goals. These personalities also thrive when taking on projects that are new to them, since it allows them to gain knowledge and better understand how things work. Champions are inspirational leaders who will stand up for their teammates, and when given the freedom to implement ideas, they will excel in their duties.


Learning is one of Champions’ strongest attributes, which gives them a strong understanding of what others ask from them. And when given the freedom to figure out the best way of doing what is asked of them, they will remain inspired and incredibly productive. Since most roles require some direct level of management, if their managers offer an open work environment where everyone can speak openly and honestly, they will not find may more dedicated and loyal individuals.

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