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Directors are highly capable leaders, breaking down all barriers to achieve their goals. They are a stabilizing force to unstable teams, and they are honest and clear communicators who beliefs revolve around authority and order.
Often found in the trenches, Directors take great pride in rolling up their sleeves, tirelessly working to get the job done.










• Possess strong-will and determination to finish whatever they start, no matter the barriers or opposition
• Straightforward communicators who base their opinions on facts
• Value integrity and act in a direct and truthful manner, and will always keep their word
• Excellent at establishing clear order and structure
• Communicate duties and responsibilities clearly, so that everyone knows what is going on and why

• Form strong opinions, which make it difficult to change their minds, since they view their thoughts as fact
• Become stressed in dynamic environments where there is little structure, or when things continually change
• May be harsh when communicating to more sensitive types
• Fixated on social status and what others think of them, which may lead to burnout



Directors like to be part of a well-run organization which has established rules and guidelines. They thrive in creating order and making sure that everyone has well-defined roles and responsibilities, and work to ensure that everything is done by the book. Their communication style is based on communicating the facts and the plans, with little regard for people’s feelings, which can sometimes be harsh to more sensitive personality types.


In leadership roles, Directors take great pride in organizing projects and bringing teams together to complete a goal. They always have their finger on the pulse, making sure that what needs to get done is done, and use their strong-will stand up for their ideas and their teams. Directors may struggle when innovative or new ideas are to be implemented; however, once they have established a plan, nothing will stop them from meeting their targets.


Dutiful and honest, Directors will naturally say what is on their mind and give their opinions. And if their concerns are adequately addressed, they will use their organizational abilities and strong work-ethic to complete whatever task is set in front of them. Their respect of hierarchy and authority make them especially dedicated workers and enjoy being part of a team focussed on getting things done.

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