Inventors live on problem solving, especially when they can be left alone to dig in and figure it out. They are logical and rational and love the freedom to move at their own pace. Great ideas are a natural product when you combine creativity, logic, and the opportunity to be hands-on. Inventors are spontaneous, which requires flexibility so they can go with the flow when inspiration strikes.
Inventors are not always sensitive to the emotional state of those around them, but you can count on their ability to remain objective and keep a cool head. Their ability to remain impartial makes them great listeners who offer fair and reasonable solutions.










• Generally relaxed, good-natured, and resistant to stress
• Imaginative and spontaneous thinkers
• Practical and logical problem solvers
• Calm and collected when in moments of crisis
• Tend to learn through hands on experience

• Struggle to empathise and may appear insensitive
• Potential to lack long-term focus, preferring to take things day by day
• Private individuals, who may be difficult to get to know
• Dislike routines and hard deadlines
• Rarely ask for help, preferring to take on challenges themselves



Inventors may be more socially awkward than other personality types, but despite their blunt communication style they are generally good-natured and even-tempered individuals. By recognizing their unique perspectives and empowering them to dig into problems alone, Inventors will yield amazing results. And their cool hand and level head make Inventors a key resource when handling crisis situations.


Inventors lead with the Golden Rule; by treating others as they would want to be treated. High fives are not part of an Inventor’s leadership style, but team members are empowered to manage their own work while maintaining a high standard of output. Subordinates may view an Inventor’s preference to work solo as being distant, but they are great listeners who come up with practical and fair solutions.


Inventors thrive when they have independence and can work on their own, and will excel when given a list of practical problems to solve. They are also generally good-natured and easy to get along with, but their lack of emotional awareness may also result in misunderstandings or hurt feelings. To get the most out of an Inventor, overly strict rules, guidelines and structure is also something that a manager should try to avoid.