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Protectors are analytical, yet also have a great deal of emotional intelligence. They are often conservative in nature yet can adapt to changing environments relatively easily. They are kind-hearted individuals who often go above and beyond and can be relied upon to get the job done.
Building strong and lasting relationships is incredibly important to Protectors, and they enjoy supporting others to succeed, which make them an integral part of any team.










• Always helping others by utilizing their skills and expertise
• Highly empathetic and able to understand other people’s perspectives
• Positive and enthusiastic people who are great at leading by example
• Highly reliable, able to get the job done right and on time
• Form strong relationships and emotional connections, which in turn pushes them to meet their obligations to others
• Enjoy repetitive, routine, or mundane tasks, since it is viewed as helping others

• Humble to a point of not communicating their own thoughts or feelings, or downplaying their contributions, which can lead to stress
• Overly sensitive to negative criticism
• Often become overloaded by other people’s expectations
• Require continual positive feedback
• Reluctant to ask for help
• Tendency to avoid confrontation



Protectors are well-rounded individuals, who are excellent in roles which serve others. They bring a humanistic approach to problem solving and enjoy finding practical solutions that meet everyone’s needs. Their hard work, determination, and meticulous attention to detail, make them great in team environments.


Excellent at understanding and meeting expectations of their stakeholders, Protectors are great when executing projects which have clearly defined scopes. Their warm approach to people and to life often finds them working in the trenches with their subordinates, gathering buy-in from colleagues and stakeholders along the way. But the high value they place on traditions and customs can make them reluctant to change, initially. However, once their team has agreed to take on a change, Protectors will see it through to the end.


Always able to be relied upon, Protectors meet their responsibilities with a sense of enthusiastic dedication and duty. They are the typical loyal, hard-working, backbone to many project teams, and respond to the satisfaction of knowing they helped, and their contribution was meaningful. Protectors build strong personal connections with their colleagues, which is crucial for developing tight-knit, well-running teams.

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