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Thinkers love patterns and are quick to spot any discrepancies. You can count on them to thoroughly think through an insightful and unbiased solution. They may struggle to empathize and can be intolerant when emotions are the reason for a delay in progress. Spending much of their time reassessing their own plans ensuring they have not missed any details, overcoming self doubt is likely a Logicians greatest struggle.
A spirit of an entrepreneur and innovator, Thinkers can struggle to find a niche for their skills and commonly find themselves in more abstract fields of work. You’d be hard pressed to find a sociable Thinker but they are incredibly self-driven and have very high personal standards.


34% Introvert


NaN% Intuitive


28% Thinking


NaN% Perceiving


• Logical and objective
• Analytical thinkers using data to back up decisions
• Reliable and authentic individuals, with no need for hiding the truth
• Open-minded and receptive to alternate theories
• Creative and innovative individuals who excel at thinking outside of the box

• Appear quiet and reserved, preferring their own company
• Dismissive of irrational values, and may come across as insensitive
• Perfectionistic tendencies, always trying to find the best solution



Thinkers love discussing theories and being asked their opinion to validate new ideas but that is where the socializing ends. An environment where freedom in granted and barriers are removed is where a Thinker is really going to shine.


Thinkers have very high standards and although they do not enjoy managing people, with the right team, the logistics of their genius concepts and theories can be carried out. Their high attention to detail can bring on pointed criticism, a partner that can filter these messages is an asset.


Thinkers love nothing more than to immerse themselves in an interesting project with no interruptions. They only rely on teammates as a sounding board for ideas so theories can be developed further. Pairing a Thinker with an implementor ensures no brilliant plans go unrealized.

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