Visionaries possess a strong ability to see things from standing in other peoples’ shoes, which makes them quite good at understanding opposing or conflicting ideas. Like their other analyst cousins, Visionaries have a constant thirst for knowledge, and they gain this knowledge by attacking and defending every idea from every direction. Although more sensitive personality types may be put off by this technique, it is with this tactic that Visionaries are able to piece together information to create and form their innovative ideas.










• Always learning and expanding their knowledgebase to piece together information and create new and innovative ideas
• Quick witted thinkers who strive for understanding every side of the argument
• Creative, versatile, and excellent brainstormers
• Great conversationalists able to speak on most every subject
• Enthusiastic energy and will not quit until a solution is found

• Argumentative tendency, which can create friction with other types
• Can come across as insensitive, discounting emotional opinions of others
• Can be critical of others who do not stand behind their own viewpoints
• Find it difficult to perform the mundane and routine, day-to-day activities
• Easily lose focus on what’s right in front of them, rather than the big picture



Visionaries excel in roles where they can solve complex, technical, and intellectual challenges, and have the freedom to do it their way. Although they may dislike the constraints that come with responsibility, their social aptitude makes them excellent leaders who can inspire others with their sound logic. And when given the free rein to do it their way, the sky is the limit in what they can achieve.


Most often, Visionaries end up in leadership roles due to their ability to come up with innovative strategies and solutions, without needing to deal with the ground-level, daily execution of those plans. They have great conviction in their path and will ensure the most rational ideas are implemented. And when placed in the initial stages of projects, Visionaries will prove excellent at coming up with the most efficient solutions, saving time and money.


Visionaries have a distaste for restrictive hierarchy, rules, and guidelines, as they view these things as a hindrance to finding the most effective solution. And when given routine, administrative duties, they will quickly lose their interest. It is when they are placed in an open environment where they are free to challenge their managers and colleagues, where Visionaries will shine. And when their managers can wield Visionaries’ skillsets properly, they can be highly effective partners for driving real change.