Build your future with Peter Lucas Project Management

13. How would you rate your oral communication skills?
- Effective listening; apply active listening techniques to engage the speaker and obtain key information
- Ability to give clear, concise direction
- Experience explaining complex principles in simple manner tailored for audience
- Ability to identify and accurately record important discussions for future reference
- Listen calmly to complaints and issues and accept constructive feedback
- Apply appropriate communication mode; know when to e-mail, phone and speak face to face
14. How would you rate your written communication skills?
- Ability to provide professional written responses to internal and external inquiries
- Proper letter/memo formatting and grammar
- Proper e-mail/letter etiquette; tone, audience consideration, etc.
15. How comfortable are you with safety management?
- Demonstrated ability to undertake on-site hazard assessments
- Ability to translate hazard assessment findings into immediate corrective and proactive actions
- Take comprehensive notes and other investigation materials such as photos and witness accounts
- Use root cause analysis tools such as fishbone diagram to identify root causes
- Ability to identify when an incident has occurred
- Knowledge of related legislation, organizational and personal liability and responsibility of employers for the safety of their staff
16. How would you rate your business and financial acumen?
- General knowledge of accepted accounting principles and terminology
- Understanding of business, finance, and market elements of a project
17. How would you rate goods and services procurement skills?
- Knowledge of signing authorities and requirements/guidelines for procurement
- Knowledge of procurement mechanisms, including RFI, RFP, RFQ, tender, sole source, etc.
18. How experienced are you with managing contracts and contractors?
- Experience executing contracts (short and long form)
- Experience coordinating contractors and communicating expectations
- Experience in estimating contractor progress (cost, manpower, etc.)
19. How skilled are you with process improvement and development?
- Ability to identify opportunities for process improvement/streamlining
- Demonstrated ability to plan and implement new processes that improve project quality, work efficiency and safety
- Experience mapping processes in sequence and swimlanes
20. How familiar are you with project technology and software?
- Ability to use Microsoft Office Applications; Excel, Word, PowerPoint
- Knowledge of project support software including Primavera, SharePoint, MS Project, CapMap
- Knowledge of industry standards and developments in the field of technology
21. How skilled are you at project planning?
- Ability to plan specific tasks in sequence to reach longer term objectives
- Ability to recognize opportunities for economies of scale at the work planning stage
22. How skilled are you at prioritization?
- Experience prioritizing individual work to ensure urgent items are completed quickly
- Ability to identify non-urgent tasks and manage expectations when tasks are deferred
- Ability to balance day to day work with external pressures such as meetings and appointments
- Comfortable dropping current tasks and addressing urgent issues
23. How experienced are you with human resourcing and hiring?
- Experience with the hiring process; posting a position, searching out candidates, screening applicants, preparing and conducting interviews, conducting reference checks and offering positions
- Knowledge of HR practices such as duty to accommodate, diversity hiring practices, qualification-based hiring, and competency-based hiring
24. How skilled are you at strategic and results orientation?
- Ability to understand how day to day work tasks support strategic goals
- Ability to accept and translate strategic level direction to practical actions
- Working knowledge of performance measures and their role in process improvement
- Ability to set realistic performance goals and hold self and others accountable to reach them
25. How experienced are you at completing environmental impact analyses?